Mohan Rana

In two steps I cross here a nameless, invisible boundary.

Born in Delhi in 1964, One of the finest Hindi poet writing today. Brevity, clarity and precision are the defining characteristics of Mohan Rana's poetry. He has published eight poetry books in Hindi. जगह(Dwelling)1994,जैसे जनम कोई दरवाजा(As If Life Were a Door)1997, सुबह की डाक(Morning Post)2002,इस छोर पर (On This Shore)2003, पत्थर हो जाएगी नदी (River will become stone) 2007,धूप के अँधेरे में (In the Darkness of the Sun)2008, रेत का पुल (Bridge of Sand) 2012, शेष अनेक ( Much Remains) 2016. With Eyes Closed(2008)[Poems in English Translation],Poems(2011),The Cartographer(2020) {Dual-language chapbook } Published by Poetry Translation Centre London. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// <Photo : François Matarasso> /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Poems https://www.poetrytranslation.org/poets/mohan-rana